Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shana Lac’s Wellness Privilege Card: A must-have for Spa Lovers!

Authentic Ilonggo spa service has just got better and affordable at Shana Lacs Spa with the introduction of its very own Wellness Privilege Card. Yes, everything that makes you feel good and relaxing in this popular spa haven offers something exciting, trendy and affordable. Availing this must-have Wellness Privilege Card is as easy as getting your stress away after a rejuvenating spa session at Shana Lacs.

“It’s more like experiencing the relaxing spa services of Shana Lacs for loyal clients. And as our special treat for their loyalty, they get this Wellness Privilege Card for free,” says Ellen Lacson, the wellness advocator and owner of this sensational spa center. “With only 800 worth of spa services from Shana Lacs, our clients can get this special card for free and they can enjoy a whole year of exciting discounts for all our spa and facial services,” she added.

“We believe that this is the best and perfect time we bring back our gratitude to our loyal clients who considered Shana Lacs as their preferred place to unwind, de-stress and seek effective cure from the hectic urban lifestyle in Iloilo City,” Lacson continued with optimism. Offering wide range of spa services plus innovative and modern wellness regimens like facial services, manicure, skin whitening, breast firming and a lot more, Shana Lacs positioned itself as part of Ilonggo’s modern way of life. Its popularity has grown and expanded beyond word-of-mouth recommendation by clients into a lucrative name in Iloilo’s spa business. Almost all of its services, both old and new ones have been tried, tested and recommended by a lot of Ilonggos who found worthwhile relaxation at Shana Lacs. In fact, its signature “Hilot Ilonggo” resembling the ancient traditional massage of Ilonggos has been a name-recall of the best-selling, most-preferred spa service in the city.

“We are sincere and passionate to personally provide real pampering, genuine relaxation and services that provide effective relief for clients. Our passion has gone beyond business throughout the years... we call it an advocacy for wellness,” explains Lacson. “It is significant that we please the pocket and pamper our clients through this card that exemplifies the love for healthy and stress-less lifestyle that every Ilonggo deserved these days,” Lacson further added.

Do you want to have a Shana Lacs Spa Wellness Privilege Card? Visit them and arrange your next spa session... then feel the difference. For early reservation, please call (033) 338-3206.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Bliss of Shana Lacs Spa this 2011

For several years, Shana Lacs Spa has been known for its quality service, straight-from-the-heart pampering and wellness approach with their spa clients. Their services have always been innovative, effective, satisfying and outstanding. Their approach to modern wellness and Ilonggo market is noticeable. Quality and affordability has always been their most important reason to serve the Ilonggo spa lovers.

These days, Shana Lacs Spa is a place beyond tranquillity and relaxation, it has become a lifestyle-for-wellness habit among Ilonggo clients. They believe that Shana Lacs can provide them with the much needed respite from pressure and crowded city life. In addition to the commitment of Shana Lacs, they introduced much more appealing services with classy and natural approach such as facial services, skin whitening, breast firming and a lot more.

Shana Lacs is a silent success for Ilonggo wellness tourism as it offers the one and only “Hilot Ilonggo.” It carries the philosophy of going natural and organic in almost all of its services. In the recent years, Shana Lacs is committed to answer the needs of Ilonggos to recapture healthy lifestyle and youthful glow with their all-expanding menu of services with intensive research. Shana Lacs offers budget-friendly rates and easy-to-go massage like foot indulge and back massage.

Shana Lacs is Iloilo City’s little fountain of youth and realm of relaxation with continued innovation and quest for wellness excellence. In celebration of its success this year, Shana Lacs is set to launch it s Wellness Discount Card for loyal spa clients and patrons for free upon availing specified services. This card will became a reason for Ilonggo spa lovers to continue loving and enjoying the joys, the bliss and the wellness excellence that Shana Lacs Spa has to offer in the years to come.

Watch out for it soon!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Shana Lacs Spa Wellness Card is coming soon

There’s something new to captivate and excite Ilonggo spa lovers in Iloilo City very soon. Shana Lacs Spa, the Ilonggo’s favourite spa center will soon have an exclusive Shana Lacs Spa Wellness Card that would provide members with 5% discount on all massage and wellness services for one year. Shana Lacs will also present different spa packages to avail the wellness card with additional freebies and promos.

Shana Lacs Spa has gained a lot of spa clients and following through its most popular service “Hilot Ilonggo” that embodied traditional way of healing and coping with every day stress. Their other line of services ranges from different spa massage services to personal care regimen that promotes healthy lifestyle. The spa center is also known for its quality service, accommodating staff, well-trained spa therapists and relaxing ambiance perfect for rejuvenation.

Find out more about Shana Lacs Wellness Card and don’t hesitate to book your next spa session with affordable rates by calling (033) 338-3206.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reliving stress with “Dagdagay” Foot Massage

Return to the ancient and traditional way of stress healing with “Dagdagay” Foot Massage to experience total satisfaction. Now available at Shana Lacs Spa, the certified Ilonggo spa sensation center is proudly promoting its new service—Dagdagay Foot Massage. Originated in northern Luzon from the tribes of Igorot who lives in the highland mountains, Dagdagay Foot Massage was developed with ancient perfection that provides natural way of relaxation with the use of bamboo stick to augment healing energy. Combined with organic and healing oils, this massage technique creates inner balance in the foot that leads to good blood circulation, takes away stress and tiredness. As the feet experience stress throughout the day, this special massage carefully heals tiredness and make it relax, smooth and revitalized. For one hour, clients can effectively feel the difference and the wellness benefit they can achieve by availing Dagdagay Foot Massage for only Php 258.00.

Shana Lacs other specialized add-on services for Dagdagay Foot Massage package include Back Massage and Head Massage to relax the whole body. Spa clients can also experience the soothing and serene ambiance of the spa center that caters personalized service. Shana Lacs guarantees ultimate spa satisfaction, quality and affordability of its others services. There are more choices to be made with Shana Lacs Spa if you want real wellness experience.

Try Dagdagay Foot Massage now only at Shana Lacs Spa open daily from 12PM to 11PM, seven days a week.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shana Lac’s Post Valentine Affair

Who says romantic lovers and lovers of good life can’t celebrate their happy heart after February 14? Is it possible that every day can be Valentine’s Day at Shana Lacs?

I think it only needs a heart with sincere passion for Shana Lacs Spa to celebrate a post Valentine Affair with their loyal spa lovers and clients to make every day perfect. For 4 years, Shana Lacs Spa has been providing excellent spa massage and other wellness services to Ilonggos who are seeking relief from the stressful city life. Their unique personal pampering and accommodation to their clientele has indeed captured interest over the years. Shana Lac’s reputation as the most-preferred spa center in Iloilo was an obvious compliment of their client’s word-of-mouth promotion and referrals.

This spa center that continues to innovate, improve and put personalized style in each of their old and newest wellness services are succeeding in capturing the affinity of spa patrons. Their most in-demand signature spa service which is “Hilot Ilonggo” is now synonymous to relaxation-fad-with-style among Ilonggos. With added personal care, Hilot Ilonggo has a long way of becoming a popular legacy of Shana Lacs for their Ilonggo way of providing quality spa service. Their other notable and well-know services are Swedish Massage, Breast Firming, Foot Massage, Facial and Skin Whitening packages that always comes with affordable rate but proven effective.

Shana Lacs has indeed shown its passion for personal care and ultimate wellness popularity in Iloilo. Its dynamic staff and spa therapists developed their skills to provide satisfaction to their clients through years of training. Added to this spa center’s excellence is the soothing and tranquil ambiance that gives clients the better option for rejuvenation away from the crowded city lifestyle. So, it feels like Shana Lacs has been giving Ilonggos the treat of the heart everyday with their classy and sincere service. Open 11-12 PM daily, Shana Lacs offer ultimate wellness satisfaction without hurting your pocket.

Now, it is possible to continue celebrating Valentine’s Day at Shana Lacs with your special someone? With outmost personal care, proven effective services and soothing ambiance—it’s always a date with your loved ones at Shana Lacs Spa!

For spa reservation and bookings, you may call (033) 336-3206.

Monday, February 14, 2011

What makes Shana Lacs Spa the best place to relax and rejuvenate these days in Iloilo?

Well, for one, Shana Lacs Spa has been serving and providing Ilonggo spa clients for four years already with outmost passion and personal care. It has already pleased and pampered a lot of spa patrons with convincing quality service from the heart. Shana Lacs staff knows how to accommodate well their clients by taking care of everything they need and the right information they have to know before availing their spa services. It includes proper medical background and preference for the type of clients. They always make sure that every client undergoes a blood pressure check-up before going through their services especially massage. Shana Lacs provide a sip of healthy tea with choices of fruit and herbal flavours before going through a massage session. This spa center has the best, most pleasing and soothing ambiance that gives clients the place to feel free from all the hustle and bustle of city life. Shana Lacs services are all well-researched, attractively-packaged and affordable to suit the real needs of Ilonggo spa lovers. Aside from basic spa massage, the spa center takes pride of its beauty and wellness services like facial spa, whitening packages and self-invigorating unique services. Throughout the years, Shana Lacs have expanded their services and innovate their approach for a modern way of wellness, pleasing Ilonggos and visitors who are looking for the perfect relief from stress.

Shana Lacs Spa is popularly-known for their healthy and organic way of pampering by using only natural oils for massage and other services. They have grown to become the most-preferred spa center of Ilonggos. Even their signature “Hilot Ilonggo” is the only spa service craved by their clients with special need for personal pampering.

Shana Lacs Spa is open daily from 11 to 12PM for reservation. you may call (033) 336-3206 for inquiries.